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    In 2010, Hengyang Hai Lian Salt Solution chemistry strived for the advanced position, initiative improved the industrial chain, become the leading Sodium Bicarbonate in the world. To explore new field in Sodium Bicarbonate and develop new usage and market, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, so that Chinese products to better serve the world. There Invested several billions Yuan to improve the quality, Innovate the technique of Sodium Bicarbonate, Brand "Hai Lian SanYi" Sodium Bicarbonate, has good whiteness (95), the total content of sodium bicarbonate (99.5% min), low heavy metal content, and specific in coarse, medium, fine, etc. that ranging from 20 to 400 mesh advantages over the various particles in the domestic industry in the lead. In order to further consolidate the dominant position in the market, the company will continue to work hard to improve the quality of the product. In addition to including the quality and further improve the chemical indicators, but also plan to further study the optimization of the physical indicators, such as making granularity systematic, uniform, diversified, and even done by the customer can adjust the particle size, and for customers tailored to the respective products. We also put in effort on all aspects of packaging, sales, and sale channels. So, Hailian products and "Hai Lian San Yi" brand competitive than similar products. While expanding Sodium Bicarbonate production to 10 to 20 million tons, making it Asia and even the world's largest production base of Sodium Bicarbonate.