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     Under the ground of  Hailian Salt Solution Chemistry Co., Ltd,  there is abundant natural salt rock resource. If we calculate our annual output of sodium bicarbonate by 200 thousand tons, the underground salt mine can be used for 500 years. From the beginning of factory establishment,  Hailian has always insisted on independent development, completely owned the full land property, the assets on the ground and the rights of mining underground. The salt mine of Hengyang Jinjialing has high purity, less impurity, easy mining and other advantages. At present, we mainly produce industrial salt accompanied with the output of sodium bicarbonate and ammonium chloride. Our salt products has high whiteness , good granule, qualified chemical index and other advantages. Though Hailian salt is just superior product from so far, our salt industry has boundless prospects in the future since our country gradually open the edible salt franchises. Now, we have achieved the licence to produce and sell salt products in feed grade, once the opportunity is ripe , Hailian salt will be well-known around the world as same as our sodium bicarbonate and ammonium chloride.